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California School District's Take A Win in 2018 Elections

Californian's have voted and over 120 ballot measures have been passed to fund local school districts throughout California.


Over 120 local school districts, from San Diego to Humboldt county, will receive state funding from the 2018 elections.

Hundreds of schools will benefit from the bond measures that were passed in early June and mid November, including two school districts from Sacramento County.

Sacramento passed Measure H, the Robla School District Classroom and Facility Bond, and Measure L, Natomas Unified School District Bond Issue, totaling over $215 million.

California school bond elections are local ballot measures that ask voters to decide on whether the school district that is sponsoring the measure should be allowed to issue bonds.

Over 84% of school bond measures were passed in this most recent election that will benefit California schools and their students and faculty.

For more information and details on the bond measures, visit!

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